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new nostatic album - "Time's Up"

We're happy to present the new nostatic album, now available on

iTunes and CD Baby

nostatic - live

the sparse lineup exploring the space - nostatic - live!

BNC 2012 Photos

Photo galleries: Mon 14May | Tue 15May | Wed 16May | Thu 17May | Fri 18May | Sat 19May | Sat 19May Jam | Sun 20May

NOTE: These are not tweaked/edited so ymmv. If you want a full-rez version of a particular shot(s), just shoot me an email and include the file number (under the thumbnail or listed to the left of the larger version - the original images are about 4x larger).


nostatic |nō ˈstatik|

1. continual movement, action and change - not in equilibrium.

2. lacking noise, crackling or hissing sounds - clear and intelligible.

3. home to creative content from, and interwebs moniker for, todd richmond.

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