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With Claire on the east coast, nostatic went instrumental with yet another new lineup. Keiko on flute, Rob on mandolin, Jason on keys, and Hiroo on kit. Festive set with some great moments. Always fun to change up the tonal mix.

false flags and black swans

CENTCOMs twitter and youtube accounts were hacked today. While the DoD gets yet another black eye, the optimist part of me hopes that these sites are actually honey pots designed to get more information on cyber attackers. The cynic in me believes that these are just promo sites that some PAO (public affairs officer) set […]

sharing water

The (almost) daily visit to the pool at the YMCA is a crap shoot. Well, not literally – at least as far as I can tell (he said, avoiding the kiddie pool). Mostly it is a question of whether or not you’ll have to share a lane. There are 6 lanes in the pool, and […]

home at last

The studio is an intimidating but wonderful place. The good ones create an environment that is far away from the “real” world. Tucked into semi-darkness with incense wafting, it is a place to sit down and create something out of nothing. The culmination of hours of rehearsal tweaking, arranging, rewriting, and generally working hard on […]

not giving…

Thanks to bass buddy Alan Loshbaugh for posting this article on the art of “selective caring” (reworded for a family audience). This is a critical skill that is often forgotten or overlooked in life.

to the classroom

A few hours today with teachers from the Da Vinci school, and conversation of ways to help them with technology. An ulterior motive of mine for years has been to help figure out how to transform K-12 (or if K-12 even makes sense any more), building on what we’ve learned with various digital/immersive technologies. It […]