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it’s a threat!!!

So today the FTC said that the “internet of things” may be a threat to personal privacy in a few years. Umm…in a few years? Never underestimate how behind the curve government officials really are…

welcome to the future

New year, new web site, new attitude. Back to blogging while cutting down on other digital detrius. Also looking to post at least one recording of something original per week. May be small, may be meandering, but it will be something. TO create is to create…or something like that.

the new plumbing

Well, after almost a decade of running nostatic.com on Drupal, I decided to start fresh an now we’re up and running with wordpress. There actually are about three or four different iterations of nostatic.com, as it has been up since ’03 (and before that as nostatic.fm) running with static html, ExpressionEngine, MovableType, and then Drupal. […]

how long?

So the boy is on vacation and has little to do except finish some college apps…and of course, practice piano. I’m amazed at the fact that he can spend 14-16 hours in front of his computer, going from playing Battlefield 4 to some RTS to writing action script code for some modding.

back to the pool

Back in June of ’14, three consecutive acute back/neck issues prompted my doc to say, “get to the pool or face surgery.” The prospect of doing laps – or even floating around, which is all I really could do at that point – wasn’t particularly appealing. I love the water, but not necessarily an indoor […]

a new year

While I am typically loathe to celebrate any official milestones, the new year provides an opportunity to alter one’s course and try some new things. And so it shall be, though this is largely back to the future as I used to blog daily from about ’03 to ’10 (give or take a system crash […]