December 15, 2010


For those following at home, you may have noticed the lack of activity. Rest assured the dormancy is restricted to this blog. I'm staying stupid busy, and perhaps that is the driver. Just so many electrons in the ether that I can direct, and most of my spare energy is being poured into music. You can keep up with those exploits on the main site:

And specifically:

nostatic music

Lots of tangible stuff there. As for this blog, it has been active in one form or another since 2003. Sadly I lost a bunch of early posts but most of it is either here or at the previous iteration. I'll likely fire up a post now and again, but for now the days of posting every day (which I did for a lot of years) are behind me. When one window closes, another door opens up. As long as it doesn't smack you in the face, everything should be fine...

Until we meet again.