I am an extra-class amateur radio operator, callsign KG6TR. I am a member of the PAPA System, and do some net control duties there. I primarily operate on VHF/UHF, but also do some HF SSB, particularly on 20m and 40m. Lately I’ve been seduced by Motorola radios, and have been doing codeplug programming. As part of that, I’ve been compiling a “travel plug” for being able to do DMR communications while driving up and down CA.

Towards that end, here is a list CA DMR Repeaters (not a complete list) that are in my current code plug – scroll down for map

440.0375 +5 MHz CC 1 Loma Prieta W6YYY LMP I-101 BA Anarchy
440.0500 +5 Mhz CC1 Meadow Lakes MDL I-5 CV Mtn West
440.5000 +5 MHz CC1 San Bruno N6AMG SBN I-101 BA Baycom
440.5875 +5 Mhz CC2 Santa Cruz WB6ECE SCZ I-101 BA Baycom
440.9500 +5 Mhz CC1 Round Mtn RDM I-5 CV Mtn West
441.5750 +5 MHz CC1 Taft KC6KGE TFT I-5 CV MtnWest
441.8500 +5 MHz CC1 Palo Alto K6OTR PLT I-101 BA Baycom
442.2375 +5 Mhz CC1 Bear Mountain BRM I-5 CV Mn West
442.2875 +5 Mhz CC1 Mt Bullion MTB I-5 CV Mtn West
442.4000 +5 MHz CC1 Bear Valley KF6FM BRV I-5 CV SRRC
442.4250 +5 MHz CC1 Joaquin Ridge KF6FM JOQ I-5 CV SRRC
442.4875 +5 Mhz CC1 Tulare TUL I-5 CV Mtn West
442.5375 +5 Mhz CC1 Hanford HNF I-5 CV Mtn West
442.5375 +5 MHz CC1 San Jose Mt Um WA6YCZ SJC I-101 BA Baycom
443.0000 +5 MHz CC1 Bakersfield K6RET BAK I-5 CV MtnWest
443.4000 +5 MHz CC1 Milpitas WA6KPX MIL I-101 BA Baycom
443.4375 +5 Mhz CC1 San Luis Obispo SLM I-101 CC Mtn West
443.5125 +5 MHz CC1 Sunol W6SRR SNL I-101 BA Anarchy
444.3500 +5 MHz CC6 San Luis Obispo K6DOA SLA I-101 CC Anarchy
444.9500 +5 Mhz CC6 Nipomo K6DOA NIP I-101 CC Anarchy
445.3000 -5 MHz CC3 Redlands RED I-10 LA PAPA
445.7200 -5 MHz CC1 Elsinore ELS I-15 SD PAPA
445.8600 -5 MHz CC1 Palomar PAL I-15 SD PAPA
445.8800 -5 MHz CC3 San Marcos SMP SD PAPA
445.9600 -5 MHz CC1 Mt Woodson WUD SD PAPA
446.0500 -5 Mhz CC1 Box Springs KF6FM BOX I-10 DS SRRC
446.0500 -5 MHz CC2 Redondo Beach W6TRW RDB LA WSDMR
446.0625 -5 MHz CC2 Victorville N6GGS VIC I-15 DS KA6P
446.0800 -5 MHz CC1 Saddle Peak SDL LA PAPA
446.5800 -5 MHz CC1 Palm Springs PSP I-10 DS PAPA
446.8200 -5 MHz CC1 Santiago Peak STG LA PAPA
446.9800 -5 MHz CC1 Santa Ynez SYZ I-101 CC PAPA
447.2600 -5 MHz CC1 Oat Mtn OAT LA PAPA
447.2600 -5 MHz CC3 Otay Mtn OTY SD PAPA
447.3000 -5 MHz CC5 Toro Peak TOR I-10 LA PAPA
447.3000 -5 MHz CC1 Vista Peak VST SD PAPA
447.5200 -5 Mhz CC1 Lake Arrowhead KF6FM LAH I-10 LA SRRC
447.8750 -5 Mhz CC7 Phoenix KF6FM PHX I-10 DS SRRC
447.9000 -5 MHz CC1 Barstow K6DEW BSW I-15 DS WSDRM
447.9000 -5 MHz CC1 Desert Center WD6AML DSC I-10 DS WSDMR
447.9000 -5 MHz CC1 San Dimas WD6AML SDS LA WSDMR
448.1375 -5 Mhz CC1 Rodman KF6FM RDM I-15 DS SRRC
448.1500 -5 MHz CC2 Victor - Quartzsite KF6FM QZW I-15 DS WSDMR
448.1625 -5 Mhz CC2 Turquoise KF6FM TRQ I-15 DS SRRC
448.1625 -5 Mhz CC1 Frazier Park WD6FM FZP I-5 LA SRRC
448.2750 -5 Mhz CC1 Las Vegas KF6FM VEG I-15 DS SRRC
448.4500 -5 MHz CC1 Lake Havasu W7DXJ HAV DS WSDMR
448.9000 -5 Mhz CC1 Guad-Quartz KF6FM QTZ I-10 DS SRRC
449.0375 -5 MHz CC1 Santiago Peak KA6P STP LA KA6P
449.0375 -5 MHz CC2 Wrightwood KA6P LA KA6P
449.3400 -5 MHz CC5 Onyx Mtn ONX DS PAPA
449.3600 -5 MHz CC1 Sunset Ridge SUN LA PAPA
449.3800 -5 MHz CC1 Mt Lukens LUK LA PAPA
449.7400 -5 MHz CC7 Blue Ridge BLU LA PAPA