cabinet wars

Always searching for...something. MAS109 with full wave vortex. Festive.

20 explosive hits

The first album I ever bought (at the local Thrift drug store - that also had ice cream with the cylindrical scoop/plunger for 5 cents each). The musical journey takes off...

string life live

Free music! No, really - you can download the nostatic album "String Life Live" for free at bandcamp. It is a live recording from fall 2015 featuring Claire Rifelj (vox), Robert Anderson (violin), Hiroo Nakano (drums) and Todd Richmond (bas…


A rare guitar trio thing
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jazz daredevil

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry or punch someone. Well, I certainly did the first, and maybe a bit of the second.

steely jamming

After an unexpected turn of events, Steely Jam headed back to Typhoon for some much needed musical closure. Plus a good workout for the new Mesa amp head. A good time was had by all. God speed David...