into the studio

Blue Noise Kitchen spends the day in the studio working on the new EP.

remember these nights...

In 2013 near the end of the F1 season, Sebastien Vettel got on the radio after winning the USGP and said, "we have to remember these days...there is no guarantee they'll last forever." Of course we know that nothing last forever (except the…

doing the jamming thing

Being a house bass player in any sort of jam situation can be a bit of a tightrope. Best to think of it as a musical dojo where you're going to work on some of the fundamentals that are esoteric or non-existent early in one's career. Like being…


A little blast into the past - 3-song unplugged mini-set in the middle.

blue noise

in the TRiP kitchen. The original project relaunches with the new lineup. A tidy 45 minute set with two covers just for good measure - punk/reggae version of For No One by the Beatles and Coming into Los Angeles.