the view from here

Perhaps the longest break between sets (2 hours), but a festive gig nonetheless. Playing at LA Theater Center for the Raw Theater Awards pre/post show.

ten elements of groove

Credit to Victor Wooten for his discussion of these in "The Music Lesson," and to mambo4 at for his periodic table take on these. Remember, find the groove before you play.


No, not that kind. In this case, playing jazz for a fundraiser event at LAX Westin. Yes, had to wear a suit (sort of). And come in through the loading dock/kitchen. And play for people who had zero interest in music while bidding on silent auction…

Tidal surge

I finally have had it with bad sonic quality music. MP3 was a great solution 10 years ago when networks were slow and storage space was expensive. But today, bandwidth is plentiful and drives are big and cheap. And life is too short to listen…

finding Unicorns

So the other day a tune comes on Deep Tracks that I hadn't heard in ages (one reason I listen to the sat radio channel). It was "No Way Out of Here" and the band was Unicorn. It didn't sound quite like I remembered, so I figured that is was…


With Claire on the east coast, nostatic went instrumental with yet another new lineup. Keiko on flute, Rob on mandolin, Jason on keys, and Hiroo on kit. Festive set with some great moments. Always fun to change up the tonal mix.