This week I got one of those emails that you really don't like getting - but they are a reality in the life of a musician. Well, maybe Peter Gabriel doesn't get them but I'm not him. Essentially the message is, "we love your music but you're…

this is a tough one

As you get older, more and more of the people who either know personally or via media start to pass away. And with them, you realize and you're edging closer to the end of the run. As 2015 closed one, one in particular stood out -Wayne Rogers.…

digital detritus part deux

Following up on this post, a tentative solution is in place. Complicating matters was the home time capsule being full (used for backups of 3 computers as well as file storage). So more moving/purging continues. As an example, I have over 50K…

xmas tradition

Most people open presents, have turkey/ham and the fixings with the extended family, and maybe see a movie. Instead this household hits the hills (previous post), trendies hot pot. FTW.

20 explosive hits

The first album I ever bought (at the local Thrift drug store - that also had ice cream with the cylindrical scoop/plunger for 5 cents each). The musical journey takes off...

summer not

No, not summer. Pictures don't tell the temperature. But could be worse...