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Over the years I've gone through a fair amount of music gear. Too much to list. After spending 10 years with the same pair of Zon basses, the past couple years have been spent searching for some different sounds and approaches. This is the current stable:

Rob Allen Deep 4. My go-to bass for anything jazz and beyond. Spectacular walnut top over chambered alder body, 5-piece walnut/ebony neck and tight grain ebony fingerboard. Tone for days. Amazing sound and feel. Fodera Yin Yang Deluxe 4. Chambered walnut body, pau amarillo and ebony top, EMG PJ setup with Pope custom shop preamp. Being lucky enough to study with the Woot Crew, I got introduced to Fodera. Awesome. Fodera "naked" yin yang non-standard fretless. The product of two instruments, a Monarch Standard 4 fretless and Yin Yang Standard without paint. After a neck swap, you have red oak neck, ebony fingerboard, alder body, maple top, and PJ pickups.
For amplification, I run a Jule Amps Monique tube preamp into a Demeter Minnie power amp. Cabinets are Audio Kinesis Hathor 1203 (single or pair) cabs depending on the gig.
Since I play a lot of different gigs in a lot of different rooms, certain pedals make my sonic life easier (and sometimes more fun). My FEA is my go-to pedal. Depending on the gig I'll include:
Just for good measure, adding more keyboards to the home studio, and soon to live shows