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Less is more. What happens when you give four amazing musicians a lot of sonic space in a non-traditional lineup? A nostatic mix of jazz, funk, soul, pop, and rock. The songs are familiar, but the sound is fresh.

Claire Riflej took to jazz at a young age, sang in a cappella groups in college, and since has performed on both coasts moving between jazz, bossa nova, funk, and rock. You might hear a beautiful ballad one minute, then scorching Porteguese bossa then next, followed by earthy soul.

Rachelle Romeo is a multi-instrumentalist, typically blowing tenor or soprano sax. A veteran of the Bay Area and southern California jazz and blues scenes, Rachelle moves effortlessly between bop, funk, and R&B.

Hiroo Nakano was born into a musical family in Hokkaido, Japan. After learning drums and guitar from his father and uncle, he took a formal lesson from Seiji Nakatake. He regularly performed in Sappro and Tokyo. Hiroo moved to Los Angeles in 2004, where he studied Brazilian music with Michael Shapiro from the Sergio Mendes band at LA Music Academy. Besides attending LAMA, He studied with Steve Houghton, Paul Kreibich and the legendary saxophonist Bennie Maupin in his big band.

Todd Richmond has gigged regularly up and down California as well as shows and albums in Japan (with Kaz Takeda). He has studied with Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington, and is continually pushing on the edges of different ways to realize the music. He occasionally ends up on banjo, keys, and/or guitar depending on the phase of the moon.

Todd devised this instrumentation specifically to give plenty of space for the musicians to explore new territory. The band ventures into interesting waters, but it remains accessible and listenable. Jazz, funk, soul, pop, and rock. It truly is "fusion" music, but not in the cold, mathematical sense often associated with the term. Instead, it is songs that you know taken places you might not expect.

Nostatic alumni: Gary Mendell (keys), Russell Zimmer (trumpet), Kyle O'Donnell (sax), John Whoolilurie (sax), Vincent Heckard (drums/percussion), Andy Crosby (drums), Sue Jin (vox), Stacey Byrne (vox), Vivian Rogers (vox), Tony Egan (vox), Chadwick Bishop (vox), David Kochen (sax), Rivkah Ross (drums), Jason Lee (gtr), Mark Chosak (gtr), Tom Jedynak (drums), Malika Chaterji (vox), Cico Silva (trumpet), Larkin McLean (vox), Tony DiGiovanni (drums), Tom Ralls (trombone), Roberto Guiterrez (perc), John Celentano (perc), Bray Ghiglia (gtr/sax), Jason Olsen (keys)

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