nostatic – live!

601398_10150897080554107_1480965007_nThe band “nostatic” has been through various iterations over the past 5+ years. The alumni list is long and distinguished, and I’m indebted to all the musicians who I have been lucky enough to share a stage with.

Currently nostatic consists of the core rhythm section of Hiroo Nakano (drums) and myself (Todd Richmond – bass). Claire Rifelj provides her amazing vocals most of the time (unless she’s on travel), and Jason Olsen drives the keyboards. From about 2012 until mid-2014, nostatic mostly appeared with the “sparse lineup,” consisting of Claire on vocals, Rachelle Romeo on sax, and either Hiroo or Vincent Heckard on drums. There were other explorations including bass and drums, two bassists (with Steuart Leibig) and drums, and various other solo instruments. When Rachelle headed off to the warmer climes of Phoenix in the summer of 2014, nostatic moved back to a more traditional keys/bass/drums section with Claire’s vocals leading the way. As 2015 moves in, nostatic moves with it, exploring more instruments and lineups, and new ways to revisit old tunes, as well as writing some new ones.

ns-live1-640nostatic alumni: Gary Mendell (keys), Russell Zimmer (trumpet), Kyle O’Donnell (sax), John Whoolilurie (sax), Hiroo Nakano (drums), Andy Crosby (drums), Sue Jin (vox), Stacey Byrne (vox), Vivian Rogers (vox), Tony Egan (vox), Chadwick Bishop (vox), David Kochen (sax), Rivkah Ross (drums), Jason Lee (gtr), Mark Chosak (gtr), Tom Jedynak (drums), Malika Chaterji (vox), Cico Silva (trumpet), Larkin McLean (vox), Tony DiGiovanni (drums), Tom Ralls (trombone), Roberto Guiterrez (perc), John Celentano (perc), Bray Ghiglia (gtr/sax), Jason Olsen (keys), Vincent Heckard (drums/percussion), Rob Anderson (violin/mandolin), Bob Hamilton (banjo, guitar), Jay Dover (guitar), Harry Hache (bass), Steuart Leibig (bass).

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