I have an advanced extra class amateur radio license, and am active in the hobby. Pictures of my current setup below. Some links that may be of interest:

I am a member of the PAPA System, which has a network of almost 50 repeaters of various flavors in Southern California.

List and map of DMR repeaters between San Diego and the bay area (not an exhaustive list). These are part of code plugs I’ve made for Motorola DMR radios.

Some thoughts on various bands and modes I currently work, and ones I don’t – and why I do and don’t do what I do and don’t do. _

This setup changes a fair amount. We rent so antenna installations need to be reversible. Comet GP-95 tri-band that is used with an Icon IC-9700 Comet CA-712EF mono-band UHF that is used with the Motorola XPR-5550e, Arrow 146-4 yagi for 2M SSB Elk 220-6LP for 220MHz HyEnd 10-80 end-fed antenna for HF that runs up over a eucalyptus tree limb and down to the front yard. The directional antennas are on a tripod and mounted to schedule 40 PVC, which makes it modular. I can swap in/out two other Elk antennas – 2m/70cm LP and 440-8LP. I also have a Buddipole setup that I can configure as dipole, vertical, or 6M yagi, as well as a HyEnd 10-40 lightweight wire for SOTA.

Just like the antennas, this can be subject to change and has been overhauled extensively the last few months. Hopefully stable for now IC-7300 is used for HF (and also HF commercial radio monitoring – 11.282MHz is a good freq). I’ve made contacts across the US and down to Australia with just the stock 100 watts and my end fed wire so it works despite a lot of QRM. IC-9700 is mostly for 2M SSB, but I also use it for repeaters on VHF and UHF. Motorola XPR-5550e is UHF and DMR, and paired with the mono-band antenna I can hit almost half of the PAPA system DMR repeaters. I also have a handful of HTs – Motorola XPR7550e, Anyone 878, and Kenwood TH-D74.