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Mikey Memorial show

On 7Dec19, Steely Jam played the Santa Monica Moose Lodge. It was a great show – lots of love and joy with the impending holidays. The next day my friend and front-man for the band, Michael Lamper, passed away in his sleep. He was 61. We were supposed to golf the next day. Looks like…


simpleflower – lovin

from the 2004 SoCalSoul album


So musicam mayhem partner Jay strongly suggested I start podcasting. Oddly enough I did my first podcast about 15 years ago, focusing on analyzing some pop songs. He’s not the first to mention, and part of the day job probably could benefit from more content and exposure. So watch for a revamp of the nostatic.com…


back to the hills

A rare solo journey up into the hill. While winter is slowly fading (or what passes for it in LA), it was 70s at the base of the hill, but into the 50s up top, riding in and out of the clouds and drizzle. No matter – a day on 2-wheels is rarely a bad…


This week I got one of those emails that you really don’t like getting – but they are a reality in the life of a musician. Well, maybe Peter Gabriel doesn’t get them but I’m not him. Essentially the message is, “we love your music but you’re not drawing enough so we’re ending the regular…


monday monday

Today was about as good as it gets. I played hooky and headed to the hills again, but being a Monday there was almost no traffic. Temps near 70F at the base, but up at 6K’ it was in the low 40s. After a quick bite back down to head to the east fork of…


A rare solo ride, the usual locations though all in one day, including a stop at Mendocino…Farms.


fire and water

No photos from the fire areas, but it was pretty stark on the ride through Little Tujunga Canyon this AM. They had the Sand Canyond fire 2 years ago, then the most recent one in Dec. Lot’s of burn damage. But then it was back home for a pitstop then to the “sand dunes” of…

last crest ride for the month?


2018 ho!

A proper end to 2017, playing music at the local Moose Lodge. Then of course the reality of impending work, multiple deadlines looming including a lab design and a course that needs to be taught. But that can wait for Tue – instead the hills are alive with the sound of Ducatis.

Fais Do-Do

A seriously fun night of Brazilian tunes at Cafe Fair Do-Do. Including the crazy all-female drum group sitting in on the last tune. Winning.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.54.47 PM

musically generous

I’m not afraid to borrow – credit to Cliff Almond: Being Musically Generous

IMG_20160725_163816 (1)


Forward, into the past


Eagle’s Roost

In the Angeles


another market

The Sawtelle Brazilian Trio – who knew?


balcony music

Private party in Ladera Heights. A gig with a view…