The non-exploding kind. Wrightwood.

riding into the future

Been absent from posting but will backfill some of the riding and document the future - or what passes for it. A recent trip to our favorite saddle.

sunset park

Our neighborhood is aptly named...

true crime

I always loved doing playing in the pit with musical theater groups. It is a great mix of performing and tightrope walking (which are related). Tonight was a great example, and also bending into new territory. The second "True Crime LA"…

cabinet wars

Always searching for...something. MAS109 with full wave vortex. Festive.

this is a tough one

As you get older, more and more of the people who either know personally or via media start to pass away. And with them, you realize and you're edging closer to the end of the run. As 2015 closed one, one in particular stood out -Wayne Rogers.…