digital detritus - a new hope

So, over the past 72 hours it has been delete, install, move, copy, wait, check settings, wait again, find duplicates, delete, delete, delete. In no particular order: Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro - after 36 hours with the SP4 and a handwritten…

digital detritus part deux

Following up on this post, a tentative solution is in place. Complicating matters was the home time capsule being full (used for backups of 3 computers as well as file storage). So more moving/purging continues. As an example, I have over 50K…

different riding

Engine in the morning, but pedals in the afternoon. Down to Perry's for a hotdog. Yes, it is a typical SoCal xmas.

xmas tradition

Most people open presents, have turkey/ham and the fixings with the extended family, and maybe see a movie. Instead this household hits the hills (previous post), trendies hot pot. FTW.

on a clear day

You can see forever

20 explosive hits

The first album I ever bought (at the local Thrift drug store - that also had ice cream with the cylindrical scoop/plunger for 5 cents each). The musical journey takes off...