Formed in January of 2001, the Kaz Takeda Quartet brings together players with years of experience and a wealth of influences including jazz, blues, R&B, fusion and rock. Originally from Tokyo, Kaz Takeda is one of the best-known guitarists in the Asian music scene. He has released over 20 albums, and received the "Best Guitarist of the Year" award in Japan for four consecutive years. Kaz's style is lyrical and complex, yet totally accessible. His guitar work combined with Sunnygirl Yoko's driving harmonica and stellar vocals creates a unique sound that sets the band apart. It is a frontline like no other.

The rhythm section swings hard behind the guitar and harp. Drummer Harry Yoshida is always in the pocket, and moves effortlessly between styles. His solos are inventive and always well received by the audience. Bassist Todd Richmond lays down a wide groove that locks with drummer Harry, while providing melodic counterpoint to the lead instruments. Together they anchor the group and drive through familiar and uncharted territory. The group has a potent combination of technique and feel that allows them to easily move from bebop to Latin to blues to funk and back again

This lineup is featured on two Japanese album releases: "When My Guitar Gently Speaks" (2001) and "The First Wave" (2002). Pictures below are from the '03 tour, taken in Tokyo.


4 on 6


7 Come 11

Work Song

Now's the Time

So What


Local Gigs

'03 Tour

'02 Tour


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