This quartet played around San Francisco and Berkeley in 1994-95. The lineup is Tracy on tenor sax, David on piano, Todd on bass, and Ritchie on drums. These tunes were recorded on a portable cassette recorder at the Cafe Bistro in Berkeley in January of 1995. They were then transferred to a G4 running ProTools Free.

Check out a July 1995 review of one of our gigs on the SF Street Sheet. Check out the "Aqua Blue" link (local version here).

Outside the jazz club, I flung my bag over a parking meter, and stood close tothe curb to avoid the tourists making their way up Grant. Inside, my buddy,Richie O' Connell, was going to town on the snare. Ratta-tat-tat psssstdat-n-dat. David Buuke was in full flight on the piano, his hands going allover like five-legged spiders over-amping on a jar of Mexican jumping beans.The bass player, Todd Richmond, was laying down a funky groove. Richie glancedout the window and waved "hello."

All of the sudden, a cool breeze made its way up the street and hit me in theface. There was a strange presence. Although I could neither see nor hear him,I knew he was there. Coltrane's Spirit was right by my side. "So Hoops, you wanna know how it really was in San Francisco in `55.Wanna know what it sounded like when I knocked `em out at the Blackhawk and BopCity, huh? Diggit, man."

Just then, Tracy McMullen, the sax player, showed why she's in a league allher own. She was giving me the straight dope, no wimpy Kenny G shit. Love itwhen she goes down to the basement for really deep notes. Sounds like thefoghorn on Alcatraz at four in the morning.

Moment's Notice (7.2MB)
Screamin' tenor from Tracy
Nardis/A Train (10.8MB)
A latin escapade
Solar (6.6MB)
Crazed take on Miles
Speak No Evil (7.7MB)
Hear quite a bit of evil
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