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While I often gig as a bassist, I have a somewhat obscure (but 275k+ views) alter ego as a solo artist playing rearranged versions of past hits and classics. What started back up in 2022 as “yachtcoustic” has now expanded to what I call the acoustic juke box. With over 300 songs on tap, I play dobro, acoustic guitar, and sing a variety of one-hit-wonders, classic rock, yacht rock, and deep cuts along with country and jazz for good measure. At gigs you’ll find laminated song lists and a phone number where you can text your request. Not quite punching the buttons on an old juke box but the next best thing.

The goal is music you recognize, presented in a way that is a bit fun and different, with a splash of humor and tongue often firmly in-cheek. Yes, Stayin’ Alive is a country tune – after all, Australia is about as far south as you can get…

Pick a song from the jukebox at a gig? Sure – take a look at the playlist and ask away! More videos


todd richmond – nostatic – solo

A lot of the tunes from the Fri 22sep23 gig @ Pali Wine Co in Santa Barbara. Quite a few requests from the crowd, always happy to play the songs people want to hear.

Laminated song lists are available, and you can text your requests direct to my phone. Over 100 artists, over 300 songs, and the list keeps growing.

Come join the fun at the next nostatic outing!

What does Todd aka nostatic sound like? Check out some tracks from the 2023 dobro-centric EP Resonance Matters!


Interested in booking todd for a solo gig? Or perhaps a collaboration? Or scoring your next video project? Well use the contact for below and have at it!

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