And then there were three…

In December of 2021, I decided to finally flesh out a bunch of bass loops I’d recorded and make an album. During my now-traditional 2 week winter break, I recorded “like dissolves like” – eight instrumental tunes, originally written on bass but recorded with plenty of keyboards and samples (in Ableton Live). Then in December 2022, inspired by Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary series, it was six largely acoustic cover tunes – mix of classic rock, country, and a Warren Zevon deep cut on “resonance matters.”. Then this past December, it was forward into the past, revisiting original rock songs written as an angst-ridden teen in the late 70’s along with one EDM track about a cat – “the lost years“. For good measure this year I remastered resonance matters as well.

Available on your favorite streaming service – artist is “nostatic”.




the lost years (2024)

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original “classic rock” (written in the 70’s)  more details




resonance matters (2023 remaster)

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acoustic covers, heavy on the dobro  more details




like dissolves like (2022)

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original instrumental “filmic” music  more details