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maestro x and mr. depression

I saw the fireworks, neighbors screaming
Or was it applause?
Descent into madness, gladness
That leering eye, Mr. Depression and Maestro X
In the cardboard hotel
Preparing for the big test flight

Cooking in a corner, the garage smells sweet
Time for the monster step, blast shields down
The bundle brings great joy
Now a trip to the ranch, payment due and time served

Big Al chases the dragon, I slump and watch
And scrape the cooler for a pile of my own
George looks like Jesus, and feels like him too

Sodium burns big and bright
Say, how much to clean the kitchen?
Her biker friends left quite a mess
Just don't break the glassware

Are the streets safe for the little man?
Sqeeze tight, take a big bite
We can always prop you up if need be

One missed christmas proved enough
Back home with tail between the legs
Your friends will never be welcome here
Time for a new set anyway

Thought I saw one of the crew in court
Ducked down the hall, leave that world behind
Must push forward, can't slide back
If the neighbors only knew

Maestro X and Mr. Depression, taking static from the boys


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