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4 nights in tokyo

Pin the hopes and dreams on a slice of time
There's danger in tying to a moment always dying
Packed and ready, played around the edges for so long
A proper coming out, a chance to bury some doubt

4 Nights in Tokyo, it would make it all right
4 Nights in Tokyo, could be a bit too tight

11 hours in a tin can, wasn't the worst part
No time for a refill, could be my bitter pill
Big city, bright lights, small room
Just like the inside, losing grip on the ride

4 Nights in Tokyo, sit in a stranger's car
4 Nights in Tokyo, a warm spot seems so far

Know yourself, know the world, no nothing
Foundation cracks, no grounding strap
Overbooked, undercooked, worry how it looked
When did the sun start setting in the east?

4 Nights in Tokyo, the room is getting smaller
4 Nights in Tokyo, the shadow is getting taller

Finally come clean, but the call starts a spin
First flight out, clear the decks, hold on tight
Hoping to clear, when back on thin ice
Home field advantage, still just can't manage

4 Nights in Tokyo, home seems bittersweet
4 Nights in Tokyo, it's still incomplete


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