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16th floor

16th floor: anxiety, avoidance, your dna and mom. Watch your step when you exit.

Well then. That was illuminating. So it turns out that while the herring wasn't red, it perhaps was pink. And the real deal is being terrified of cheating on mom. Not in an Oedipal sense (at least I hope not, because then that would involve necrophilia), but in a more insidious and sweeping sense. So that's what's been driving much of this. And crafty me, holding the rip cord in my sweaty, shaking hands. I pulled it, and the chute deployed. But a funny thing happened on the way down. I'm still floating but a strong breeze seems to have taken me back to where I've never been before. So maybe it starts anew. Deja vu all over again. Interesting. More will be revealed...


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