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too much crutching

Drop the boy off at school in the AM. About 4 blocks each way from where I parked to his lineup. Then to work for a couple of meetings. Then a ticket from the USC ticket nazis (I lost my permit a long time ago and never got a new one because I'm almost never on campus and this is a controlled access lot). $50. Then to the credit union to finish off financing on the car. Of course each close metered spot gets taken. I end up about 4 blocks away. Luckily paperwork was painless. Then back home with a stop at Peets. Carrying coffee on crutches is a challenge. Then some work on the couch. Then vacuuming because the apartment is filty. Vacuuming on crutches is a challenge. Now cooking some dinner. Don't really even want to but if I don't eat I won't be in good shape.

Tomorrow is doc appt to get a prognosis (especially on the foot), and find out if/when I can travel (fly), then meetings, then trying to sell my Subie. Then get up early and get the boy to school and more crutching. OK, I get the point, can we move on?


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