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cleaned up

everybody is moving on
got their mojo working
kissing the sky
with the pains tucked away
and good riddance to the hurt

rocking like a baby
the runners always give their feel
from one ordeal
to another, the river bends
and fades around and tends
to the carriage car

knowing less than before
makes me sit uneasy
and a bit queasy
from that second drink
there's a minimum
you angry chrysanthemum

every night changes hue
shapes and lines block
take stock, lightly mock
a wagging finger, strapping dagger
plunged into worry

it bleeds dark hues
i said it changed the night
alters sight, you said it would be alright
but it isn't. I find a hit but digging deeper
reveals a fatal flaw or maybe
i'm just looking too hard

i'm dropping down a step or notch
i had whisky but maybe scotch
would have been a better choice
give me that microphone
i've been sitting here all night
and you said it would be all right

an evening with the movie queens
and kings up on the hill
showed your pull and hold on
me and my needy little pawn
pushed around the board
bullies, blues, and theives

crossing the line we lose a day
but gain our soul, in a crate that
fell from first class, a crate that
spells the death of our brother
brooklynn holds the charmer underneath

the green day is really sick and misery
flies from the board as they try
to bring forth on holiday

no pressure. no pressure. no pressure
this isn't good. we need pressure
this isn't good. kill the pressure

the dawning of the rest of our lives
this is the life on holiday
until it is found for what it is
and what it isn't. is. isn't

off to empty roads
to walk alone
i walk alone

my shadow is beating and fighting, i wish they would find me
my shadow is dancing the line, i wish they would find me
my shadow is the only thing that wakes inside me
i walk alone

their shadows want to walk inside me
they want to tramp all over my stuff. my stuff
if they tramp, they will die. i will make sure of that
if they tramp, they will cry. i will make sure of that
if they tramp, kill them before they cry, then make sure of it

a touch, a squirt, a repeat. no way of doing it
drop the shy act. work it hard. this is the sht

could disclaimers be any worse? Line them all up and shoot them
right in the middle of a good dream, somethig burbbled up, "I think I you love"
so what am I so afraid of? A love there is not cure enough

this is just pop dribble. throws this crap out. turn it down
too much loving going on. that makes much
i outsourced it. I OUTSOURCED IT!!!
it's a sweet joke. 2:30am is a sweet joke too
but a nasty one. znrumsn hsndhe dsyd ell

see the glory of the royal
the glory of the wonder or wonder how
i need wood lock. i can't see straight any more

the streak is running it off. I'll argue my case

near 3, fading
139 is a weak one
so is off

losing it
how it is no now
done now


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