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devil mind middle round

deja vu all over again
fighting it
in measured doses
and an attempt to be
someone I'm not
or someone I am
or at this point just be
devil mind spins on its axis
throwing muses that cannot help
gouging a hole in the table
that i'll have to fix

I've fixed holes where the rain gets in
to try and stop my mind from wandering
where it will go
where it can go
where it must go
driven by dark shadows and
steel glances from the time of 8

step up and get it right
step up and take what you're owed
step up and take a man
bring dishonor to ourselves and family
we live through you, you bastard
get it fucking right.

but what if I don't? what if I can't?
What if the point is to get it wrong. So very wrong.
And show the others how not to do it.
Is there not value in my failure?
It may be ugly and difficult.
But there is beauty and elegance in the difficulty.

Difficulty hovers like a hawk, circling empowerment
empowerment puts on a good show
but really doesn't know as she is depending on
the hawk to tell her what to think
and what to breath
and when to die

It is not now. It is not tomorrow.
It is when the muse releases
us to create the note and world
and find a spot to carry out
some work in peace
some work in love
some work in joy.


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