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the idea guy

Be careful what you wish for is what they say
The Chinese wish, "may you live in interesting times."
I'm Chinese don't you know
Even though a cold wind blows

My wheels turn 24/7 but that's what they want
They pay you for those cycles and gears
I'm quite tired don't you know
And on the TV nothing but snow

The idea guy walks at a pace
That scares you if you bother to notice
He thinks to keep the demons down
But they won't leave his town

He's smart and manic and bursting forth
He can be quite a handful sources say
Afraid of making another one of himself
Letting her walk he climbs on the shelf

It turns out that outliers are lonely
When the mania fades into sackcloth
It's been years since he got ashes
And around the corner another crashes

The idea guy runs until empty
But find the reserve and starts over again
He fights to keep the demons down
Anything to avoid a backless gown


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