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used to play

i used to sing i was the omega man
always talking to myself
and i did too. walk down the street
mumbling to myself. afraid to touch
the gaze of another for fear that i might
find something in myself or in them. in them
that would be the worst. i used to play

i thought tokyo was bad. but that was just
a warmup act for a much bigger stage
baby, you should see me now. or maybe not
i'm not quite ready for my closeup

the hell you say. i agree. fanfare for this common man
but i'm far from common. ordinary. normal. sane. take your pick
you can label me right now but by the time you speak
you'll miss a beat and i slip a measure
find the time. lose the rhyme. lose the beat. find the turn
around. a round life. a round ball. i used to play

she buried me in a print impossible
cyan running deep between my mind
but this other she took me and walked
raw haze swung left and missed

an opportunity to slide out and back in
hey baby, where are you coming from?
you stepped into my world and left yours in
a back room with a light swinging
and cases stacked like dreams
but stay out of both and find your own
a fine team. you'll pick first. i used to play

i've got the key to the highway but no gas
left in the tank and i'm a little short
can you spare some change? wait that's
been my fear for far too long. hang on. hold tight

layla came and whispered in my ear. she hasn't done that
for many years but i thought i heard her say,
"please leave me alone."
so i'm back with white lightning and wine
and too many j's hurting me in different ways
i trusted them all, and took it hard thinking
it was all my fault. put down the pick. i used to play

break the glass in case you need a ragged edge to
compare where you've been to where you might
end up if you can't get a bit of sleep in a corner
of someone's life especially your own

own. funny word. don't really own it
only the way you feel about it and see about
getting a hand to pick up the pieces of the mirror
that worked so well but walked away because
she had to grow beyond the mercury smeared on the
smooth surface, perfect except for the line of tears
"you should get those removed," he said
no, no...it's perfect the way it is. i used to play


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