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looking for shelter from the storm that
brews within licking a raw inside cut
a bad boy who's lost his way

a runner on the sands of war with a kit
full of sister morphine and bloody gauze
homecoming to the pipes that play

tossing fastballs warmed up too fast
but that was just an excuse to no try
and stay with the familiar sting

not ready when the first one came along
the vacuum scares him, that'll work
reading meters, checking out, never there

the second was a mistake but can't send it back
so settle in for the long haul in suit and tie
in by 7 out by 5 and gone the rest of the time

can't really blame you, never had a chance
too bad you had to take me down too
didn't have the tools to make it work

hurry sundown so we can leave this place
under cover of the night we're all the same
and he'll never find us here

damaged one and all but this still
makes me shake my head and wonder
and fight my way out of the enveloping haze


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