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standing still

why is it that when this song comes on
everything stands still
it all fades from view
pastels and charcoal lines
trailing off into the ether
raising ire or confusion in the spectators
how do you explain time and matter standing still?
gluons and muons pausing in respect
for something even more fundamental
hit the left arrow, I need pause again
profoundly tragic, defying logic, misty magic

standing still seeming static
stillness lies about the the island
underneath a dreamer, a schemer
taking a knife in the back despite the best
intentions, dr. klyser writes a new test
please check your weapons at the couch

differing opinions on whether to pick up
or put down the phone
curbing expectations, excoriations, and parade floats
glued on flowers and seed of discontent
the viewing area just screws up traffic
forgive me if I get just a bit graphic
but at some point you just call it a day no matter
how he shaped the clay before it was fired
sent to the cabinet because he didn't have the tools

weak signals growing stronger, hurting longer
stringing along the knots you can't untie
so you just cut the string and throw the mess out
a waste? denying your caste? decide in haste?
i suppose i could sit and untangle the mess
and try to fix family fortunes field
standing still singing static


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