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old rhymes

Amazing what you find when you start throwing crap out. Not sure when this was written, but my guess is 2 years ago plus or minus. I think I write better stuff now, but it is what it was...

red lights passed and ignored
eventually they catch up
the price is high and climbing
enough tears to fill your cup

start what yo finish
how many times now
start what you finish
the question is how?

it wasn't meant to play out like this
it wasn't meant to play at all
innocence lost so very long ago
trying to climb back after the fall

start what you finish
some time to breathe
start what you finish
nothing up my sleeve

no choices quickly turn into many
being pulled three ways at one time
deiciding on which connection to cut
without killing all the lines

one way streets hurt the most
never going back to before
turn back time, walk back rhymes

start what you finish
living for someone else
start what you finish
stuck in any number of hells


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