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wish i could dance

only love can set you free
i was wrong when i wrote that song
twenty some odd years ago
it seems like five lifetimes
since i walked in the rain
and felt it running down my face
i wish i could dance

on patrol in the desert
i got the letter and saw the tape
made it all so very clear
but still held out hope
having to dig in and dig out
a few months pass by
i wish i could dance

rounding out the shattered nights
blocking out the neon lights
and sounds of the city pounding
my head like a heavy bag
stood there and took it
dished out all by myself
i wish i could dance

they don't come around much
although a change was in the wind
sorry i couldn't say more
but i'm tattered and torn
had finally edged forward
and slipped before i fell
i wish i could dance


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