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more chase

Nikki Finke has some great shots at David Chase for the final Sopranos episode. Among my favorites:

"HBO could suffer a wave of cancellations, all because Chase didn’t give a damn about his fans. Instead, he crapped in their faces. Those many minutes of tension-building cutaways where we only find out that Meadow can’t parallel-park are exactly why America hates Hollywood: arrogance masquerading as art."

"In this final episode, Chase needed to exert himself to concoct an artful denouement. But he took the lazy way out. Aren’t writers paid to write? Maybe we all should register with the Writers Guild for our residuals, since we had to fill in the blank."

And yes, HBO will now be off my DirecTV. Looks like I'm back to F1, Iron Chef, and waiting to see if season 6 of 24 doesn't suck.


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