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outperformed redress sinking sadly
into a sea of acetic dreams but none
taken back into the night

the race is on, full mass
from the back of the grid
stood up just to fall back down
rough up the surface so maybe
this coat will stick for awhile

ruling my world would be divine
if only i could find what's mine
instead of filling up the day
tended to by the white suits
lollipops and sours sticking
to the floor. i can't talk

killing me softly with words
and no words, not a peep
tourmaline turned down
great lengths wasted
favors seldom tasted
then frozen. i can't run

a flat world, around she goes
where it stops god knows
but i can't tell as i'm sliding
down the concrete supporting
god knows what, door is shut
and locked. i can't walk


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