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while seated

looks like pr is at it again...about time

while seated
please fasten hope
to my poor ailing legs
i'll drag it as best i can
i'll try to be the real man
just don't make me beg
sliding down a slope
while seated
i can't run fast
i barely know the way
thought there was a map
i tried to bridge that gap
ran out of things to say
know it can't last
while seated
i'm not flying this
but i can see outside
hazy grid laid out looking
a drunken spider cooking
snacks for a long ride
into the abyss
while seated

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went to the pool after reading this entry.
its still work in progress (i am no writer, especially english!) It describes how I learnt swimming 3 1/2 years ago. In the end, I learnt not just swimming.

Teary Eyes Days

Teary eyes days
Don”t want to just hide away
Escape to the swimming pool
It ‘s all just water
Or better, chorine
An excuse
For those teary eyes days

May be I just want to go down
To drown
Not know how to master
Being in the water
Teary eyes days

Tears can’t help fear
“Stay afloat!’
My instinct revolts
Body softens, relax
To stay afloat

Push through the
Languid blue body
Awakens my ancient memory
An aquatic origin

Push towards the lights in the deep
Those long forgotten gills we give
Teary eyes day

I found again how to breathe
Stroke by stroke
Breathe in and blow out
Breathe in and blow out

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