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the deep end

i'm feeling a little peaked
maybe it's just the heat
i'm passing those defeated
at least it tastes like meat

i'm chewing up my fine time
dropping leaflets on the news
i'm reading all the fine print
and you're covered if i lose

stay away from the deep end
i know you love it so
stay away from the deep end
i know yours likes to grow

i'm much bigger than the sea
but oceans apart from being
i'm smaller casting shadows
but still having trouble seeing

we're combining things except
that stupid fold-out couch
we're dividing things, respect
how my boxes seem to slouch

i'm seeing the deep end
as a last resort and refuge
i'm bleeding in the deep end
dry within the deluge

i'm out of the deep end
i shouldn't have to defend
every third word
and maybe a fourth
bring me a fifth
tell me, chi le ma?

i laugh at the deep end
but feel left out
like the serious ones passed me
without even asking
going to save someone else
or themselves

a deepening scar doesn't stretch
its tight but holds in place
the angle of omission
the memory and the pace

i'm plugging in my cables
my signal is now quite strong
i'm turning up my faders
'gonna drown out his stupid song

rice recovered and now in the molds
i'll use the potatoes and capture the role
of the white cotton and blue frog buttons
flying north might help to make it whole

i'm draining the deep end
so we can skate the curves cleanly
i'm draining the deep end
where the water's best sent begging
i'm filling the shallow end
this is over

i'm stepping through your window
trying hard to avoid the pane
i'm looking for a clean t-shirt
'cause this one's wet from the rain

i'm afraid of the deep end
i'm just too tired to swim
i'm afraid of the deep end
i can't live up to him

oh, great, now he's here
not like it couldn't get much worse
he's diving in. he's the swan
the water knows he's coming
they bead and sweat away
it's time, the swan is coming

lead him towards the deep end
we'll get him after dinner
violent redirection and repulsion
does wonders if you're thinner

the swan thinks it is won, but those
are shallow end rules
in the deep end it changes
and all bets are off
except the one between me and you
i'll double down there and give you odds

nothing sucks me in
now i'm routed out
integral lost in translation
the derivatives will shout

i'm rolling my eyes but can't help it
like to stand up and make amends
i'm still going to ruin your time here
and stay clear of your deep ends

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"It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible."
Oscar Wilde

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