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so why again

babe i left it sitting
all out to dry
on a pretty steep grade
and buried in the side
of a hill i can't recall

i saw the strong ones
fall and crash and burn
burn to the ground
with an apple crate
and nothing else

i'm thinking about that
smell that surrounded
the garage one night
actually quite a few
the silent debacle
was there in front of
that damn hotel
and maestro x saw it all

don't dwell
be proud
you made it
that's what they say
they have no idea
no fucking idea
so please don't open
that hole again

can you take the heart
out of the guitar
and base it on something
new and foreign
it's running on empty
nein, danke, no mas por favor

i'd like to blame
the ambien
but i can't
i'm here
i'm typing
and thinking
who's sinking


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