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road home

holding the light for another day
chasing whims on a crooked path
it swells and drops a scary pose
homework done you lose the math
adding colors helps a slight return
laying out rules for drawing your bath

a tiny touch, a glaring touch
i've felt better and seen worse
hanging low and strumming down
casting aspersions, limits burst
i've already sliced it all up
feel a downbeat already cursed

you might get a little wet
crossing where you can't touch down
the village with red tiles
missing where you won't see around
a road home

if i should fall and show my hand
would you just watch as i sink
could you help with a fine line
to wrap my feelings instead of think
that i've lost my way again
at least you'll understand the wink

i'll end up a little damp
staring at the clouds to see where
that water is falling from
hoping to trace a willing stare
a road home
not taken


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