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random slats

A collection of one-offs and dynamic tension. Or something.

Dodging bullets, a literal translation, manifestation
Going your own way, i couldn't get it right
Seeking asylum in a litany of lies and
inconvenient truths
i can't find my way home

inkling verboten, prejudice verkaufen
i'm in disgrace, show your face
lose the race, i'm faster
on the stratocaster, playing
fast and furious, aren't you curious
about my leaning tower

squeezing through the slats
instead of butting heads
between the ocean and the sea
could it be
and ending, pretending
just pay the fee

you spit your grenades,
i'll take .223
and send it down rage
don't cross me now
i've got my 12 and 6 covered
and i've got a lover
who won't drive me crazy
but i'm lazy, the kid's spacey
go tell Lacy, that i need some more coffee


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