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mercy wheels

no point in direction
it's coming no matter what
say goodnight sweet prince
your fight was gallant
your methods flawed
your heart tragic
don't be afraid to cry
before you know it will pass
everyone will remember you
until they drop the rose and walk past

mercy is trying to visit
but the barricades are strong
dreams made of heat in your heart
waiting for darkness to come
and steel quickly
wishing for arms to hold
passing it off as fancy
but desperate
for tenderness
and mercy

you had a good run
and thought that living was
running to keep up
and keep tabs

may grace be with you
because mercy is scarce
but i fear you'll feel neither
you were taught to win
but never learned to fail
pick it up on the fly
or during the fall
find a way home

mercy dear mary
slaughtered before waking
closing doors and bolting ways
swinging remains reminding
of lives that spun out
pirouette and pratfall
packing boxes
cleaned out after you're gone

living in seven time
but it's an eightfold world
you tap your feet
but mercy doesn't feel the beat
the end of the sky
shivering hues and streaks
you loved the texture
until you could really feel it
now it's too much
mercy come
the mourners are singing
mercy save
your broken soul
mercy love
your analog pulse
before it is quiet

dragged by your feet
to do it again
until it's really wrong
you're on your knees
mercy wheels
turning again


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