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December 1, 2008


The airport at least. On the road to Orlando via ORD. What is that white stuff on the ground?

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December 2, 2008

long day

Shaken, not stirred

December 3, 2008

more tripping

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December 4, 2008


Of the proposal that is. Finally put to bed? Time will tell...and now another SOW to work on. The fun never ends, but better than the alternative.

December 5, 2008


Another week, another trip. This time off to Fredericksburg, VA. The only upside is the rapid rise in frequent flier miles. If only I had the time or energy to take advantage of them...

December 6, 2008

day trippin'

More travel (sigh), this time by car down to Fun Diego to visit my dad. While I've made the LA-SD-LA trip hundreds of times, it is easy and hard at the same time. Of course the boy loves being cooped up in the car all day. At least I was able to stop by the BMW dealer and get the parts I ordered a month or so ago. Waaay too busy...

December 7, 2008

bag it

I have a luggage problem. Or lack or luggage problem. Or lack of proper luggage. Lately I have been traveling light with a capital "L". Just a change of socks and underwear in my small backpack. I've hated checking bags since forever, so I avoid it whenever possible. Now that they charge you for checked luggage the incentive is greater, but that has led others to just go "carry-on." Sadly, some aren't quite as frugal with their bag size and invariably the overhead bins fill up these days. Since I don't have a carry-on "roller" or equivalent bag, I went looking for one today. But I was determined not to become the people who annoy me when traveling.

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December 8, 2008


Or so the locals call it. Another whirlwind Monday, getting the boy to school, into the office, cab to the airport, winging across the country, pick up the rental car ("it's how much?!?"), and drive south to Fredericksburg, VA. Now at the Hampton Inn Suites. Actually a nice room, and I'm here in one piece so I can't complain. A full day tomorrow and Wednesday, then back west again.

I hope this is the last trip of the month...

December 9, 2008

the balance

Sometimes with projects there is a way they "should" be, and then there is the reality. That reality is often dictated by budget, but sometimes is about more intangible things. Like personalities and expectations. Even if you've got cubic dollars, if a collaborator insists that the sky is green and you think it is blue...well, there's going to be a problem. So then project management becomes more about people than knowledge/design/results. I think I already knew that, but perhaps I needed a little reminding...

December 10, 2008

no, virginia

we're not in California any more.

OK place to visit, but...

December 11, 2008

odd reflect

view from my hotel room, thankfully winging my way back to CA. At least the beer was good...

December 12, 2008


Well, end of week anyway. And a long one it was...time for a walk with a lens.

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December 13, 2008

windy pv

A ride around Palos Verdes, with the challenge being to avoid being blown off the road.

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December 10, 2008

more va

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December 14, 2008


When you're feeling...umm...something, you buy a new lens. Well, I do...Pentax 43ltd prime.

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December 15, 2008

a b c d

Which of these are not ok? Well certainly not the "D". And frankly, neither is the "C". Heads will roll...

December 16, 2008


see, there are alternatives to video games...

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December 17, 2008


Much to the amazement of the inner critic, sometimes I actually do bring a project to completion. Time for 8slices

December 18, 2008

not wednesday

true...it is thursday

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December 19, 2008


There is something here, just not quite getting it yet.

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December 20, 2008

and another

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oh my kase

too much food...but somehow it gets eaten

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December 21, 2008


precision metal and beveled fonts
spin the knurl and left lamont
hanging by a thin thread
the things he thought were said
stuck in his head
text couldn't be read
he's just sick about it

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December 23, 2008


Of one sort or another...

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December 22, 2008

battles gone down

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December 23, 2008

further reflection

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December 24, 2008

stand back

something hot and wet, but not my words. A guy can dream...

Stand Back!
Stand Back!

What are those dogs doing sniffing at my feet
They're on to something, picking up
Picking up this heat, this heat

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December 25, 2008

the feast

A traditional xmas dinner. Not. Fantastic nonetheless.

road home

holding the light for another day
chasing whims on a crooked path
it swells and drops a scary pose
homework done you lose the math
adding colors helps a slight return
laying out rules for drawing your bath

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December 26, 2008

heavy metal

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still looking

In a variety of ways

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December 27, 2008


When you're sick on the couch, the cats are happy. Funny thing, that...

December 28, 2008



Finally off the couch and onto the bike.

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fuzzy night

December 29, 2008


December 30, 2008

dark boston

Waiting for a plane, from the archives

molecular duke

Still fascinated by reflections and haunted by a clinical past

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December 31, 2008


The last day of 2008, fading light at the playground. Nothing deep to say other than 2008 has been an interesting year with some great times and I can't really complain. It could be a lot worse...

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