digital detritus part deux

Following up on this post, a tentative solution is in place. Complicating matters was the home time capsule being full (used for backups of 3 computers as well as file storage). So more moving/purging continues. As an example, I have over 50K email messages spread between 5 different accounts

Apple vs Google – feh, they both suck in different ways. So instead of staying all-in with Apple or going all-in with Google (which would be the fallback position for CDO nostatic), a compromise to see how things play out.

So, the current solution? Well, in no particular order:

  • archive logic project files (music) and photos on amazon cloud (freeing up backup space on time capsule)
  • cancel dropbox (1TB plan), add google drive (100gb plan)
  • add google play music which includes youtube red (no ads) – $1 for 3 months, then can move to family plan. Cancel apple music and Tidal.
  • phone – this one is tricky. Have been on android for the past few days and some things are good, others, less so. The bottom line is that both eco systems have their advantages and disadvantages. And for what I do for a living, sadly I need to know what’s going on in both. So the long-term solution probably is two phones. T-mobile now allows multiple devices on a single number. I pulled the sim from my iPhone 5S and put it in the Nexus 5x. Could just get another sim and add the iPhone 5s back on the account for no charge. Instead though I went for Project Fi with google and will use that with the Nexus, moving the original sim and number back to the iPhone. Yes, two phone numbers. Will mess around with that and see if it makes sense or is just a charlie foxtrot.
  • computer – I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get back to “writing” notes as there is a cognitive benefit to the physical act of writing as opposed to typing. I was hoping the iPadPro was going to be the ticket, and while it has some nice features, still there are limitations to iOS that creep up. For instance, when using OneNote, you can’t move images or text after you put them on a page. Fail. Other apps do it (e.g. Notability), but those other apps have some serious limitations. So maybe the Surface 4 pro is an answer, but not clear that Windows 10 is ready for prime time or has advantages over Mac. I’ve been on a Mac for 30 years now – maybe too late to change up.
  • notes/todos – Evernote and OneNote are still battling it out and maybe both will stay. They do different things well/poorly. OneNote allows you to move content anywhere on a page (on Mac and Surface – not on iOS, at least with editing capability outside cut/paste). Evernote has better web clipping and I like the UI a bit better. Feh. For todos, Tick Tick and Todoist are battling it out. Similar things – each has pluses and minuses.

And here I thought “vacation” was supposed to be…vacation. Though clearing out the digital cobwebs and getting organized probably is a good use of time if there is follow-through.