monday monday

Today was about as good as it gets. I played hooky and headed to the hills again, but being a Monday there was almost no traffic. Temps near 70F at the base, but up at 6K’ it was in the low 40s.

After a quick bite back down to head to the east fork of the San Gabriel river, then up to Glendora Ridge.

Not many know that there is a 10’K peak not too far east of downtown LA (Mt. San Antonio, or as the locals call it, Mt. Baldy). Back in my mountain bike racing days we rode to the summit. Well, actually the last 1.5 miles is unrideable broken shale so that section is hike-a-bike. Coming down off the mountain I had my front tire go down and roll off the rim a few miles from my truck. I went down hard on broken pavement, and gouged a chunk out of my right knee. I remember finally getting home, self-medicating, and sitting on the front porch with a needle and rubbing alcohol digging gravel out of my knee. Fun times. Thankfully no such drama today.

If I had to use one word to describe the SA-S, it would be effortless. I’m finally getting my butt around how the bike handles and responds to weight shifts (just passed 3K miles – slow learner :D). For some sections I got out of the saddle and was a bit more aggressive. And the bike responds predictably and gives plenty of feedback. Other sections I just cruised and enjoyed the scenery – and the bike does that fine as well.

A view from whence we came

Sadly work calls the rest of the week. Have to make the money to afford new tires :D. But weather looks good for the weekend, though Sunday we’ll be heading down to Anaheim to watch the Ducks hopefully make their way to the Stanley Cup playoffs. My wife has gone from knowing nothing about hockey to being a rabid fan. She’ll be wearing her Getzlaff jersey. The hills will still be there, until we meet again.

Highlight of the day (other than countless corners) – saw three guys with a camera and big telephoto lens by the side of the road. I slowed down and looked to see what they were shooting – big, beautiful California Bald Eagle sitting on top of a tree. Nature wins.