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July 1, 2007


Well, reserved my room in lovely Salinas and signed up for the POC Cup Races at Laguna Seca. Two years ago I went as it was my first "big track" time trial event. I was looking forward to last year's event but a coyote intervened. Hopefully this year I'll make it in and out of the weekend in one piece.


outperformed redress sinking sadly
into a sea of acetic dreams but none
taken back into the night

the race is on, full mass
from the back of the grid
stood up just to fall back down
rough up the surface so maybe
this coat will stick for awhile

ruling my world would be divine
if only i could find what's mine
instead of filling up the day
tended to by the white suits
lollipops and sours sticking
to the floor. i can't talk

killing me softly with words
and no words, not a peep
tourmaline turned down
great lengths wasted
favors seldom tasted
then frozen. i can't run

a flat world, around she goes
where it stops god knows
but i can't tell as i'm sliding
down the concrete supporting
god knows what, door is shut
and locked. i can't walk

July 2, 2007


Well, this cover version was new to me. I had a friend ask, "what's so cool about it?" Well, the main thing for me is that they seem to be enjoying the song. I'm tired of seeing bored musicians. I'm also tired of seeing faux angst/emotion as well. How about some joy people?!?

July 3, 2007

time compression

Another dinner with the creatives, another shift in my theory. Maybe time compression is the key. The fact that digital amplifies inherent communication problems, and accelerates the pace of chage to a rate that our cognitional evolution (?) can't keep up. Hmm. I guess I better start actually writing this nonsense down...

July 4, 2007

pop fizzle

Not sure where the day went, but it went somewhere. An am walk to Peets, then a late lunch at King Taco, then a long way home in the 911 through downtown where some uneven pavement reached up and bit the car. I figured something might have happened so when I got home I did a quick inspection and sure enough the right rear sway bar mount had been knocked backwards. So I pulled the tools and jack out of the car, put her up in the air, fiddle with the mount (umm, Welmeister doesn't use metric bolts...bastards), then finally back the thing back into place and tighten. Then I really don't know where the day went, other than playing instruments and recabling my home studio. That took awhile as I tried to figure out how I wanted to do it (use the 1202 or 1642 mixer, or the patch bay, or ?), and then had to disentangle wads of cables. Oh well, I did manage to clean as well so not a complete waste of a day. Oh, and got to argue about religion on the interwebs. Hmm, maybe that was in fact a waste...

July 5, 2007

come again

You gotta love movie marketing...

games aren't evil

Turns out that games maybe aren't leading to the downfall of youth. This study seems to indicate that gaming doesn't really change their "analog" social behavior. This is consistent with my n=1 data point (Calvin). Go figure...

July 6, 2007


A long week. Despite the holiday. Or maybe because of it. And a little out of sorts. But it finally came to an end (the week that is). And through myriad meetings in multiple locations, there was something waiting for me at the end of the day. No, not the cats (the same ones that woke me at 6am while chasing each other *over* the bed). Finally, my feet up, a glass of wine down, and watching practice from Silverstone. All is right for the moment. Until the rumble starts again...

July 7, 2007


It was off to class today, figuring I'd get a decent workout in. Little did I know my body had other ideas. Thursday was a tough softball game, complete with me slipping and falling in the grass running after a lazy pop fly into shallow center, a couple of dives for hard grounders that came up empty, and one stumble/stab/dive that moved my left knee pad enough to scrape up my scar (ouch). At any rate, I knew I'd be a bit sore, but when I started stretching it was...umm...not good. Qi gong was painful (bad sign), and warmup kicks were almost impossible to finish. So I made it through the first 4 red sash blocks, but that was it. The left knee incredibly tender, but what sealed it for me was that I felt the right knee starting to tweak because I had to favor the left. Time to sit. For the rest of class I called out strikes and counted. And did some more pushups and situps. And tomorrow is another day...

July 8, 2007

beach bound

Another sunday, another zuma run. Unremarkable, although i did get out in the water. So it was remarkable after all. Always is when i get back into the ocean. Turns out i've got a bit of an aerobic deficit, but luckily the swell wasn't the big, so just some good exercise and a closed out barrel or three. Could be worse. Always could be worse...

July 9, 2007

new g/f

A friend joked that I have a new g/f. And she only cost me $600 or so. She is quite stunning, smart, and just drips sexiness...


July 10, 2007

iphone smoothie

will it blend?

evidence of what is wrong *and* right with america...presented in video goodness

July 11, 2007


Don't hit it...I'm warning you...don't hit send. Just leave well enough alone.

Oh yeah, like I really listen to myself. Silly wabbit...

July 12, 2007

run run run

From west LA to Anaheim back to the old house then to ucla then to the marina then back to ucla then home then to culver city for softball then back home then off again.

All I can say is there are too many cars in LA, and Thursday seems to be the worst traffic day of all.

July 13, 2007

that isn't good

Upset stomach and no sleep and early conference call is a bad combination. So is getting another parking ticket (brain freeze). Luckily work from home is not just a slogan but an occasional way of life

within one hour

why look now?
is it curiousity or
languid punishment
just close it down
put away the thorns
within one hour

active or hidden
doesn't really matter
when the call comes
if it comes and you
actually can answer
within one hour

from a perilous tip
two different sightings
and clearing the air
or so you thought
pushing a little hard
within one hour

July 14, 2007


No, not what you're thinking, although Twiggy can speak for herself (usually "meow"). A softball tournament today at USC. Intramural summer sports...haven't done that since the summer of '93 at Caltech. That may have been the year we (Hum Baby Scum) won the fast pitch league, thus effetively really pissing off both the perennial powerhouse Biology and Physical Plant teams. But I digress.

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July 15, 2007


what am i doing?
where am i going?
this isn't a dress rehearsal
if we have to spend the semester figuring
then we won't get much work done

a thousand words to say a hundred things
about ten feelings in one person
what is going on here?

was it planned this way?
who's responsible?

ok, let me start again
fresh start
let me take this from the top
those paintings scare me

x-ray and shades
lower body cracks
bent over no casting

i want faders not knobs
push instead of twiddle
roam instead of fiddle
as if only

July 16, 2007

back again

So how is it that I make it through 3 softball games on Saturday, then manage to wrench my lower back carrying groceries in to the apartment on Sunday? Maybe I was just softened up. Not the worst episode I've had as I'm pretty ambulatory and able to walk mostly without a hunch over but uncomfortable nonetheless, especially while driving. Hmm, that DSG transmission is looking pretty good right now. *sigh*

July 17, 2007


don't ever lose your self-respect; it will guide you to the right path



out of phase was
the first time out
the one that saved me
restored my faith
in love and touch

but no matter how sweet
searing gentle passion
physics is physics
waves can construct
or subtract
or just flatten
timing is everything

a battle of primal urges
vs. bad experiences
takes a toll over time
even if it comes full circle
the center has moved
and can't reconnect
timing is everything

perspective is relative
picasso turned the corner
when one is on the down
and the other is in it thick
light can play tricks
dancing dark apart
timing is everything

July 18, 2007


framed by black squares
gentle touch, fiery eyes
pillows falling without
sound or fury but
prescient passion

smiling deeply
seeing through it
pass the past
make it last
beyond the moment

still uncertain
but feeling it edge
towards the one
who sees the beauty
and says so

July 19, 2007

contractual obligations

Could things be more convoluted? I can't go into the details because I'll just shave that many more days off my life. Let's just say that dealing with government contracts can be...umm....challenging.

July 20, 2007

jade heart

a jade heart cradled
in twisted mesh
green blades reaching
squared blocks seeking
meaning held by brass
it sits surrounded
but open to something new

a jade heart hidden
drilled steel tubing
purple flowers blooming
shine the light
shine all day
pull in the slack
but cast off the lines

a jade heart beating
a gaping hole shrinking
pain pushed to the back
seeking release and healing
touched by daring
pausing for the rhythm
to catch up

a jade heart joining
the rest of the strands
trailing from the frame
worlds tucked into foam
crawling towards a place
that is new and warm
away from pine and pain
the stains left behind

a jade heart moving
into the light
reflecting angles
the quantum view
new connections
leaving equations
but tended


waiting for a breakdown
around the corner
clock watching
twisted dove
sweet relief
barely there

leg fidget
body widgets
falling down
tearing mildew
hope it cleans
inside out

curl up tight
the way out
many loose ends
can't let down
won't stay up
help from joe
waiting for a breakdown

mercy wheels

no point in direction
it's coming no matter what
say goodnight sweet prince
your fight was gallant
your methods flawed
your heart tragic
don't be afraid to cry
before you know it will pass
everyone will remember you
until they drop the rose and walk past

mercy is trying to visit
but the barricades are strong
dreams made of heat in your heart
waiting for darkness to come
and steel quickly
wishing for arms to hold
passing it off as fancy
but desperate
for tenderness
and mercy

you had a good run
and thought that living was
running to keep up
and keep tabs

may grace be with you
because mercy is scarce
but i fear you'll feel neither
you were taught to win
but never learned to fail
pick it up on the fly
or during the fall
find a way home

mercy dear mary
slaughtered before waking
closing doors and bolting ways
swinging remains reminding
of lives that spun out
pirouette and pratfall
packing boxes
cleaned out after you're gone

living in seven time
but it's an eightfold world
you tap your feet
but mercy doesn't feel the beat
the end of the sky
shivering hues and streaks
you loved the texture
until you could really feel it
now it's too much
mercy come
the mourners are singing
mercy save
your broken soul
mercy love
your analog pulse
before it is quiet

dragged by your feet
to do it again
until it's really wrong
you're on your knees
mercy wheels
turning again

July 21, 2007

tai chi

Class today and thankfully sifu was kind to my tender body and we ended up working on tai chi in gory detail (like all the little details of hand position and movements, etc), form 3 in slow motion (I can't do the dragon stances anyway with my knee), and the beginning of long staff form. My mind was starting to fade by the end of the second hour, but I managed to make it through. And that's what counts. Now to make it through the night. After yesterday's core dump, you'll forgive me if I am verse-challenged this evening.

the wind

those wacky french...


every feel like this? Bejing on the run at night...

July 22, 2007

the card

Well, in the interest of trying to find something for the boy to do beyond slaughtering the masses online (games, people...games), it was off to the driving range today and the purchase of a range card for getting buckets of balls. He engaged for awhile, then headed off to putt, then was ready to go home. Hmm, sound familiar but at least it got him out of the house.

July 23, 2007


procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday

can't i just get liquored up?

July 24, 2007

not again

A friend is in the hospital now with a burst blood vessel in the brain. He goes in for surgery tomorrow morning. Hopefully all will go well. Life is short, and to his credit Howard lives his accordingly. God speed.

jackpot muse

When it rains it pours. Evidently my musical muse decided to make an appearance. Coincidence or conspiracy? Wrote a new song tonight, at least the beginnings of it. Yes, even with music (that has been elusive for quite some time). Actually used some free verse that I wrote many months ago with an eye towards being lyrics. Turns out that writing lyrics is harder than free verse, at least for me. That pesky timing and rhyming thing. But I slapped down a rough recording of it and was happy. Turns out that was only the beginning...

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the vault

A few snippets from the very old lyrics...may have been onto something:

sick of my days, heal my night scar
i just sold my mom, belly up to the bar
ready to run something's gonna come down
i may not make it but you don't have to cry
have to cry

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July 25, 2007


Thanks Ben, you read my mind before i had one...funny that a very old memory of the fire pot visited me a few days ago, and now shuffle play brings me smoke. i can't bring myself to burn, but still i smell the smoke from a distant fire.

leaf by leaf and
page by page
throw this book away
all the sadness
all the rage
throw this book away
rip out the binding and
tear the glue
and all of the grief
we never even knew
we had it
all along

now it's

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is you happy?

Luckily Calvin keeps me listening to new stuff. Dogg Pound kicks ass.

The centrifugal force will change, but I won't change shit
I rearrange shit that aims to bang shit
Live from Philly, live from Los Angeles
Live from the Beach, articulate with the speech
I jumped over the pinnacle with hand grenades
I got a pistol that'll whistle off hand grenades
Extend over land, terrain, sky and water
Don't fuck with us nigga we got lots of guns
I spit words that can decrease your oxygen
Indeed move it like speed, poetical transporter
Fire and brimstone, torture and manslaughter
It seems like the homicides will never stop
In the scenes of the homicide's a clever plot
I angle my position, I strangle my opposition
From danger to odds and dippin' forever rocked

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July 26, 2007


I have friends who are pilots, and have been asked why I don't fly. Hmm, good question. I actually have flown a small plane, covering part of the journey from San Diego to Catalina in a friend's plane. I'd likely take it up now if I didn't already have one expensive hobby (which part of "Porsche racing" did you think would be cheap?). I have hundreds if not thousands of hours in computer flight simulators, and did ground school many many years ago. Hmm, maybe if I retire from racing I'll give it a try...

July 27, 2007

eat, drink, think

Not necessarily in that order. Repeat as needed.

July 28, 2007


climbing hills
standing still
or at least it
felt that way
butt kicked
treats no trick
called out but
stuck in there
lingered then left
no heart theft

July 29, 2007


Long discussions about branding, logos, differentiation, and other flotsam and jetsam. Yes, work calls on a Sunday night. And sadly it usually comes down to trying to get other people to see/understand your point of view as opposed to really creating. Hmm, I guess that is all part of it. Without mindshare, it doesn't matter how brilliant or creative you are. I guess Bob was right, I'm in marketing. *sigh*

Maybe time to try being entrepreneurial...

July 30, 2007

the dan

You hope that you give the proper signals, so that people will get a sense of what you're talking about.” – Donald Fagen

“Every time someone's in the next room when we're writing a song they say, ‘Don't tell me you're fucking writing songs in there, you're not working, 'cause you're fucking screaming and laughing in there.’” – Walter Becker

My friend and writer/guitist extraordinaire Jeff sent me this link. I might have to prepare a counter list of 10, but this is cool as is...

the hall

For whatever reason, both when I read that Gwynn and Ripkin had been inducted, and again today with coverage of the ceremony, I got all misty eyed. Maybe because I have a deep love for the game of baseball as *these* guys played it. The way it is meant to be played. Gwynn is a hero of mine, an example of work ethic triumphing over all else. And Ripkin...well, my son is partially named after him (most of it is after Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes...self fufilling prophecy but I digress). So here's to a pair that harken back to a different and timeless era.


July 31, 2007


a very good night. bright and sonic


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