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January 1, 2007

meet the new year

Same as the old year... (apologies to Pete Townsend).

Well, I hope not. '06 had some incredible highs (Sharon and China), but some vicious lows (coyote and the moving dad). '07 begins in a state of confusion, but that has to be ok because it is what it is. Resolutions? Meditate more. Get back to China. Create. Keep walking. Work to find Grace. Wo ai ni, Xian.


So I was called snarky today. I thought I knew what it meant, but googled it:

Adjective - Any language that contains quips or comments containing sarcastic or satirical witticisms intended as blunt irony. Usually delivered in a manner that is somewhat abrupt and out of context and intended to stun and amuse. Origin: Snark="snide remark".

Hmm...maybe all that poking people with sharp sticks is taking hold.

January 2, 2007


Greetings from Waikoloa on the Big Island. Here for a conference, brought the boy for his first trip to Hawaii (I had to way until I was over 30 to make it here), and we're staying at the Hilton, which is kind of a gaudy, acid-trip haven for upper middle class midwesterners and Japanese. Crazy. Too hungry to write, so just a few pics. Rest assure that there will be many photos...after all, its one of the things I do. Mahalo.

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January 3, 2007

trade winds

Just a few pics to post, some from the early Am before the tutorial session, then a few after it was over. The meat of the day was spent helping to educate the world (oh, ok...about 20 or so) on the virtues and problems with social software in the academy. The session went well, but was a long day. The boy spent time at Camp Menehune...7 hours of internment, but seems it was ok except for the minor foot wound had on the slide. The price we pay for fun.

Oh yeah, the pics. Trade winds blowing, a swell running, and offshore winds makes me happy...no wait, sad because I had to work instead of surf. Oh well, manana perhaps...

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musing on losing

Gain and loss. Yin and Yang. But the 2nd law intimates that in fact you will lose more than you gain. House rules. Entropy wins. Indicative that we should get used to losing, and in fact, should not fear it or run from it, but rather expect it and maybe try and find the lesson. As the Dalai Lama says, "when you lose, don't lose the lesson."

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Here's where I need to get to. Well, if I get there. I suppose on island time you get where you get when you get there. Hmm, that's a lot of get.

left point driving right
here i thought it might
feel ok or at least not sting
as bad as some of the other things

turns out it does and rather now
intensifies as i'm feeling how
i didn't before and clearly see
what a tidy mess lies before me

time to unpack and stay awhile
despite it feeling like being on trial
for crimes committed by the mother
and counsel now left for another

discering folk will pass it by
another search can let you try
to live and learn and love to be
alone together, myself and me

January 4, 2007


a clarion call foretells a bending palm
loose in the trades arching away from
the howl that stings your face in a place
of abject beauty overtaken by plastic and
aluminum yet still the trades get their way
tossing chaise into lagoons made by digging
not by the moon and the water

coupled up surrounds me but on this trip
it's only me and mini me although he is different
or maybe not instead a sign of what i seek
and am afraid to find amidst the trades

voices overheard from under the dome
hint of home left but soon rediscovered when
the bill comes due and the tram makes its
final stop at the lobby turning out the red
and raw and tired ready to tell the tales and
show the pictures of fun and sun now done
not really knowing what was taken by the trades

more kona

Enough words...time for some pics

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kona dark

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January 5, 2007

life starts at 48?

Was talking with the dad of Calvin's friend. Turns out his son (turned 12 yesterday) has a 33 year old brother. Egad. Asked him what was up with that..."unexpected" was the answer, and he was 48 when his second son was born.

More grist for the mill...

swims with the mammals

On some level it makes me very sad, but on another level, how can you turn down an opportunity for your son to actually to hang out with a dolphin for a half hour. So this afternoon the boy did the "Dolphin Adventure" here at the Hilton Waikoloa Acid Trip. A hefty chunk of money (hey, charge it to the room...) gets him in a lagoon with four other people, a trainer, and a very tame dolphin. They seem pretty respectful of the animals at least, but it still bothers me to see wild animals jumping for their supper. Hmm, maybe another data point here too...

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January 6, 2007


Am I about to make a snarky comment here? I can't remember...photo found on flickr from some meeting at ACC...


trying not to try

This may be the hardest thing I've ever had to do. To try not to try and solve something...to not figure it out, and instead just see what comes. Maddening. Frustrating. Painful. Totally foreign. But feels critically important. Like more than just my life and future depends on it. Grace, can you hear me? I wish I knew...

hot time

Long day in the saddle, as it was a road trip to Volcanoes National Park. About 8+ hours, 100+ miles each way. But it was worth it...while you can see a lot in LA, this you can't see.

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January 7, 2007

room service

All that ocean out there, all those palm trees and tropical goodness. So what does the boy want to do? Order room service (for the first time in his 10 years on earth). Well, it is his vacation, so room service for lunch it is. Now can we go back outside and play?

two tickets from paradise

Well, the time in Hawaii slowly grinds to a close. Today was spent doing some shopping, gassing up the rental car for its return tomorrow, and of course, time in the water. You'd think I was a Pisces or something. But another trip in the lagoon, this time venturing beyond the "safe" confines of the resort (the boy went a little ways, then hightailed it back...next time he'll get further). Then the infamous slide, this time with me going down. OK, I admit it...it is frickin' fun. Kinda like luge without the luge. Only downside was the pool water exploding up my nose upon reentry. The price you have to pay...

January 8, 2007


Travel day back from the Big Island to home. It's been a great and interesting week, and marked a number of firsts. I'm sure the boy and I will do it again (vacation that is), but he'll never have his first trip to Hawaii again. A lot of things I'll never have again too. But I suppose that is the wrong way to think about it...instead ponder all the things that I already have (which is everything, if one believes Buddhist thought) and what I can do today. It is a new start. So onto the plane and head east with the setting sun behind us. But knowing that tomorrow will be a fresh start.

Aloha and mahalo.

January 9, 2007


Many gems from Sakyong Mipham in his book "Ruling Your World." I'll toss a few out over the next few weeks, but at the top of the list right now is the issue of space. I've never been very good with that one, instead preferring to cling and obsess. But these are different days, and there is no going back. So now in order to "think about it" and become who I need to be, I have to create some space. And let go of attachment. Find the virtue of the Garuda.

This isn't going to be easy...

extended family

1.5. That would be my extended family. Calculated it on the way to the good doctor this morning. My son (1), my ex-wife (0.5). That would be it. Brother? Never really a factor, started weak, ended non-existent. Mom? Dead, except for the bad reruns. Dad? He made his choice obvious...he has a family of one and that would be the new wife. Sorry, but selling the house and moving without telling your son is not a familial action. So that's it. No aunts, uncles, etc. Zip.

Part of me desperately wants to create/embrace an extended family. But it is a foreign concept. My house was on fire, then almost destroyed by a wind storm. Quite visceral. All this churn over family, past and possible future. Too bad I only know the intellectual version of it. More will be revealed I suppose...


I hear all of these stories of crazy loving famlies. See friends living it. Yes, I want a family. That much has come clear (horray for clarity). But what does that mean? What does it look like? What does it take to get there? Inherit one? Build one from friends? WTF? Well, I suppose at least there is some progress...

one for a hero

I haven't had that many heros over the years. When I was a kid, I loved watching Fran Tarkenton quarterback the Vikings. And Kareem with his sky hook (I had a decent sky hook of my own, even to this day). But probably number one in my book was Tony Gwynn. A great work ethic, amazing numbers, always hustled and improved. Stories of him getting to the park early every day to take extra batting practice and watch videotape of the pitchers. No wonder he had 19 straight seasons hitting over .300 and in 1995 had an amazing 35.1 at bats per strikeout (you realize how hard that is?!?). Today he was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame . I don't really watch baseball anymore...it isn't the game it used to be (they lost me after one of the many player's strikes). Gwynn and Ripken were throwbacks to an era of great character. Guys who showed up and played every day. Guys who spent their entire career with the same team despite offers of more money. Guys who defined class. Thanks for the memories and examples.

January 10, 2007

hang with intelligence

First day of a think tank with people with no last name talking about things I can't talk about here. In fact, I've said too much. Shhhh!

January 11, 2007

prayin' for rain

A slight chance of rain. A good night of sleep would be nice tonight, especially after a second day of heavy thinking and talking. And a parking ticket (what day is it?). Rain always makes the sleep deeper and sweeter, albeit with a bit of melancholy for a variety of reasons. But that's ok too...bring on the rain.

leaking thought

I get paid for ideas. Coming up with them. Shaping other's thoughts. Arguing point. Perhaps even the occasional snarky one. Today was pretty fruitful as by the end I was able to distill hours of discussion down to a single graphic which neatly tied all the concepts together into a coherent whole. At least I thought so. Now if only the powers-that-be will buy in and fund it. Everyone said I need to be hired for the core. That would be cool. As long as I don't have to move to DC.

strike three

you don't get four strikes?
who made that rule?
they guy with the bit of drool
running down his chin?

the towers are turning
the ties are burning
the seas are churning
and a rock is tossed into the water

my sister pulled me aside
then cheated as i rolled
over and entered a private hell
and lie in a sagging farewell
waiting for hell to pay
and my brother to say
that it was all a bad dream

keep it down in there
too much noise how can i
sleep you accident that ruined
my nice little solo gig

gray skies and brown leaves
tennis shoes and short sleeves
means i'm not going to stay
not really up for a passion play

pulling the love out after
the year of tears and laughter
alone it seems rubbing my eyes
unable to hide despite my disguise

doctor can you see my fire
the wind that doesn't require
the earth to hold for so long
going down left is oh so wrong

strike three writing back
sorry son but mostly you never hear
destined to wander not able to steer
no response station we're out
strike three writing black


that last one didn't really send me. i'm tired. and sometimes it doesn't work. so sue me.

January 12, 2007

sit and render

Render. Sit. Repeat.

Damn, exciting life right now. Windoze Media sucks...cant get a decent clip conversion. At least once the work is done (done?!?!?) I can be swept up by my thrilling social life. Oh wait...nothing really there. Hmm...guess I can always work up my solo gig.

At least I got my cat back last night. Hello, Milo!

ok i'm a moron

So I'm struggling with these stupid clips, and all the wmv clips end up short...I've got a 45 second source file and end up with a 30 second wmv clip. Hmmm. Maybe check some of the settings. Hmmm, this is a 3rd party codec I'm using. Hmmm, says demo version. Hmmm, often demo software has limitations...I should check their web site. Hmmm, "limited to 30 seconds of source material."

I'm a moron. There's one morning I'll never get back. Time to start from scratch...

doctor right

Three things brought in. Which two go together? The good doctor points to number one and number two. Why bring in number three? As a weak-ass response to dealing with loss in one and two? Isn't that curious...epsecially when I know that number three is a non-starter...he's made his choice and will provide zip. Nada. Crap. Ok, one and two go together. Of course they do...one led to the other. Funny that as we continued to talk, it became apparent to me that now was not the time for issue one...need some semblance of coherence and stability in my life. But curious how one got wrapped up in two, and three came along for the ride.

Confused? How do you think I feel? They were out of programs...can't tell the players without a scorecard.


Turn to the music. Looking for "Beginnings" by Chicago and instead bought a whole greatest hits of the early stuff. Egad...another "soundtrack of my youth" band. Mostly toss-off, happy lyrics, but there is some tragedy between the lines...

Waiting for the break of day
Searching for something to say
Flashing lights against the sky
Giving up I close my eyes
Sitting cross-legged on the floor
25 or 6 to 4

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Well, more plumbing the musical depths. In the summer of '79 I was a freshly minted high school graduate, and 2 year veteran of many rock gigs. I can't really remember the circumstances, but I ended up meeting some new players with the prospect of a new band. There was a new girl in town, Judi Judy, a deeply tanned sexy sprite in a halter top and belting out her best Ann Wilson impression. I fell hard and fast for her.

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January 13, 2007

look and wonder

Of course I have to look. And then I wonder. Oblique words lead the imagination on a fanciful chase. The projected likely worse than the reality, but on some level it is moot. Not much to be done. Just try to keep walking. Sucks.

the hardest

I've done some hard things in my life. Very hard. And too many of them. The whole "forged by fire" has been a bit overdone in my life, but likely due to my inherent denseness. Now I'm in the fight of my life again, and this one is far harder than any that have come before. Patterns set up early and reinforced by decades. And no anesthesia to help now. Not much of anything to help now. Just dig in for the long haul.

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slow road back

At 2pm today, I got down on the floor and began the typical Saturday class long stretches routine. Back into kung fu. Back into shape. Back into the future. Sifu had a separate set of stretches for me when it came time for leg warmups, as my left knee is very weak and not up to the normal sequence. Once class proper started I did my best to keep up (again I suspect with Sifu somewhat tailoring exercises to avoid pounding/twisting on my knee, although we did start out sparring...boy, I couldn't remember many strikes). But as we closed in on an hour of class, some of us were doing the shinai form, and as I turned and twisted (and struggled to remember the moves), I felt my knee start to give up the ghost. So at that point I raised the white flag and just sat on the sidlines for the next hour plus and watched. Not only is my knee weak, but my foot is still numb and cramps, and my wind is almost non-existent.

It's going to be a long, slow, and painful road back...

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a hand would be nice right about now, but none really to be found. part of the process i suppose. when it's yours, it's yours alone...until it isn't.


One of the beauties of lyrics (and all art) is that the meaning lies in the interpretation. I'm sure this song was written about life on the road (ie touring), but it also works for all sorts of journeys. Some of the most difficult are internal and don't involve a semi...

No, not especially deep. But sometimes simple will do.

sleepless hours and dreamless nights and far aways
wishing you were here
heaven knows and lord it shows when I'm away
wishing you were here

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set list

Well, sometimes you have to go back to your roots. I remember my first "recital" at age 9. I played "Snoopy and the Red Baron" on guitar. Didn't sing, just strummed the chords. For like 5 verses. Riveting. So out comes the Martin, and working up a setlist for a coffee house solo gig. Yes, this time I'll sing. We'll see if I ever get up the nerve to actually do it, but hell, I've done a lot of things over the past year or two that I never thought I'd pull off.

In no particular order...

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Nothing deep here. It was fucking low.

January 14, 2007


Natalie Merchant writes some good stuff...

I dreamed of a circle, I dreamed of a circle round.
And in that circle I had made were all the worlds unformed and unborn yet.
A volume, a sphere that was the earth, that was the moon,
That did revolve around my room.

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hmm, it's late. or maybe it's early. i get confused on that sometimes. i do love musician hours though...except when i have to wake up early. that whole responsibility thing. ahh, but that is another part of the puzzle. growing up. but also finding the baby. a further conundrum. walking. just keep walking.

late light

cold and late to the party. got in a few though...

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January 15, 2007

by ear

Conventional wisdom never has worked in this one. So we'll have to play it by ear. So to speak. As it were. In a manner of speaking. Time to read some more...


At my dad's house (the one he sold) and there was other family there too. Drove the VW. Parked it right outside and went into the house. We all came out to go to dinner and my car wasn't there. We were going to split up into two cars, mine being one of them, but it wasn't where I parked it. Looked up and down the street but it was stolen. Damn. Again?

Oh wait, it was a dream. Paging the good doctor...


Life is a series of questions. I used to try and come up with the answers. That of course is living life as a noun. Now it seems I question. Living life as a verb. Pretty much everything. Things that I thought I knew or thought I understood or was convinced of. Questioned. And even the nouns move to action rather than thought.

Dammit...I thought I had taken this test before. Seems I'm not finished. Open-ended, open-book, open-mind, open-heart, open-everything. Isn't that curious...

January 16, 2007

so that's what that means

Almost got the good doctor to smile again today. But little to laugh about with the stolen car and the cast of characters. More about family and being blamed for losing my ride/ability to connect. A need for family, but being shown (the obvious) that I don't have one currently. Super. Great. Keep walking...and have to walk since the car got stolen.

January 17, 2007

death by water

No, not another dream (although I did have one about a bridge that was too short and oddly constructed). No, in this case it is an actual death by drinking too much water, and the subsequent firing of 10 people from a morning radio show.

Careful what you drink

creak fu

Night two back at the fu. Thankfully was a short class (picture night), but was huffing and puffing, barely able to keep up. And didn't even do the cardio form 1 exercises. *sigh*. The real rude awakening was doing shinai techniques and starting to do reverse figure eights (basically swinging upper cuts). My right shoulder said, "no thank you." Seriously. Rotator cuff refused to allow the motion. Hurt like a mother.

So I got that going for me. Which is nice...
- Carl Spangler

January 18, 2007


No really...this kicks serious butt. Listen to the bass lick about 5 seconds in.

To Be Real

get those miles

Last minute travel, surgical strikes to DC and Bay Area next week (separate trips). The fun never ends...

January 19, 2007

get your coat

Another glimpse of the madman across the water.

wind is pushing the palms
time is crushing the calm
a wry smile garners no doubt
little left to gather or shout
about as it slides on down

i can see very well
where this all might sell

stuck...more later

god speed Denny

A 60's icon passes. God Speed Denny. His life story in his own words (fascinating view into the 60's music/life scene).

all the leaves are brown
and the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
on a winter's day

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January 20, 2007

back knife

Second class back in kung fu, and again taking it easy as possible. Started with stretching and my back felt a little off. My knee of course was off, and unfortunately one tends to favor injuries and that results in other parts of the body getting tweaked. While doing crunches (instead of Buddha squats), I felt that familiar wrench in my back...the knot forming between the shoulder blades. By the end of class it was in a nice tight ball, and after a hot shower at home it was just getting worse. Massage and woodlock oil didn't really make much of a dent. Hopefully some sleep will. If sleep comes. Need to get this sorted before flying to DC on Tuesday. *sigh*

January 21, 2007

4am comes early or late

I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. Between the back mucles providing a nice reminder of the true meaning of the word spasm and the whirling dervish that is my mind these days (just these days?), 4am came a knockin'. In the past it has been when I spring awake after some hours of sleep. Tonight though (this morning? today?) no intervening sleep. Just me, my back and my mind. Would have been a nice creative break but something about physical pain is distracting that way. Interesting, as since coming back from Hawaii I have been very much in late night mode. Not sure what that means. Guess I'll have to think about it. Unfortunately been swamping the good doctor with too much material. Oh, well....such is life.

park canto

she would hint but wouldn't say
if it's too late for me to see
Grace at play, dancing, dreaming, singing
a song with verses I never wrote
a melody swinging without my touch
a beat that was never shared
and when i asked instead she
sat with it and kept it tight
instead, said, "think about it"

the ink flows and reminds me
black smears on the paper hint at
the mess left behind, unpaid bills
red letter days, changing ways
whispers of vespers, do you really
have to go that far, i guess it wasn't
nearly enough to anchor the rope or
pull hard enough and fast enough
to take up the slack or realize that
you needed to cast off the lines

a rising tide will carry you
and spare you the pain
instead joy shining
like the pearl you are
luminous, blinding
the light and the heat
healing deep wounds
salve for those you touch
and yourself
your self
beautiful self

January 22, 2007

wrench it

If you have a back, you must wrench it...

Apologies to Devo. A crunch done wrong in kung fu twisted the back into a pretzel. So with little relief in sight it was off to the lively and sadistic Rica to twist and turn me into submission. She pulled, yanked, poked, cranked, and electrocuted me for about 45 minutes. Still pretty miserable. Must be a nasty one working this time. Need to turn off the devil mind I think...isn't helping things.

January 23, 2007

ma time

The nasty back spasm (underneath the right scapula) keeps on keepin' on, even after the sadistic Rica took a whack at it. So today with little relief in sight, a trip to Dr. Ma. This time it was needles from head to ankle, followed by cupping. A couple of the needles stung pretty good, which I think means that I had some qi issues. The cupping *really* hurt near the spasm point, which I guess meant that it was doing its magic. Bottom line is that when I left I felt significantly better than when I walked through the door. That's all one can ask. So now it is on the couch with the heating pad and some plasters to slap on over night. Life is an experiment, right?

January 24, 2007

lists lists lists

So much to do. So little time. So what to do? Easy...make a list!

If only I could remember what to put on it...

January 25, 2007

big country

I've never seen you look like this without a reason
Another promise fallen through
Another season passes by you
I never took the smile away from anybody's face
And that's a desperate way to look
For someone who is still a child

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earthquake shark bazaar

Well, the good doctor will earn her pay again. 4.1 magnitude earthquake while on the 16th floor, then trying to swim away from a shark, only to get to a Chinese street bazaar and have a strange woman address me by name and ask me to buy something.

No wonder my back hurts...

aqua distraction

Why is it that when this song comes on, everything stands still. It all fades from view, pastels and charcoal lines trailing off into the ether. Raising ire or confusion in the spectators. How do you explain time and matter standing still? Gluons and muons pausing in respect for something even more fundamental. Hit the left arrow, I need pause again. Profoundly tragic, defying logic, misty magic.

When the night shows
The signals grow on radios
All the strange things
They come and go, as early warnings
Stranded starfish have no place to hide
Still waiting for the swollen easter tide
Theres no point in direction we cannot even choose a side.

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life spikes

Feel like this sometimes? Hey, it's alive too...

standing still

why is it that when this song comes on
everything stands still
it all fades from view
pastels and charcoal lines
trailing off into the ether
raising ire or confusion in the spectators
how do you explain time and matter standing still?
gluons and muons pausing in respect
for something even more fundamental
hit the left arrow, I need pause again
profoundly tragic, defying logic, misty magic

standing still seeming static
stillness lies about the the island
underneath a dreamer, a schemer
taking a knife in the back despite the best
intentions, dr. klyser writes a new test
please check your weapons at the couch

differing opinions on whether to pick up
or put down the phone
curbing expectations, excoriations, and parade floats
glued on flowers and seed of discontent
the viewing area just screws up traffic
forgive me if I get just a bit graphic
but at some point you just call it a day no matter
how he shaped the clay before it was fired
sent to the cabinet because he didn't have the tools

weak signals growing stronger, hurting longer
stringing along the knots you can't untie
so you just cut the string and throw the mess out
a waste? denying your caste? decide in haste?
i suppose i could sit and untangle the mess
and try to fix family fortunes field
standing still singing static

January 26, 2007

this just in

Car dealership service visit actually painless and doesn't suck. In by 8:40am, out by 10am. Under estimate. I shall alert the media...

January 27, 2007


"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." - Pete Townsend

Meditation last night and tonight (at home). No posts on PPOT today (other than one moderator chore). After finishing this blog post it's off to a book and early bed for a 6am call for a track day (well, the track day part isn't new perhaps). What will come next? More will be revealed...

January 28, 2007

flat knee

A fresh-from-the-shower report on the day from our trackside reporter. I hopped in the car a little after 6am this morning, and once on the freeway was greeted by rain. A harbinger of a day washed out? (POC does not run in the rain) Or just testing my faith in the weather gods, or perhaps my ability to realize that the weather is one of those things that I can't do anything about, so I might as well make the best of whatever comes. So I flipped on the wipers (note to self: replace wiper blades), and settled in for a gentle trip as I'm driving on racing tires (albeit street-legal versions) that don't have a lot of tread. In other words, think tennis shoes on an ice rink. Well, maybe not that bad, but what's a good story without some hyperbole?


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3 and counting

Three nights on the cushion in a row. Shooting for number 4 tomorrow. It isn't the quantity of time, it's the quality. Hmm, maybe it isn't the quality of the time, but just the act of showing up. Yeah, that's it...for now I'll settle for just showing up. The rest will come...

January 29, 2007

reading into it

Funny how life is much more complicated when you think everything is about you.

Back to the cushion. Well, after 24.

January 30, 2007


So she was a he, and I was warned by a she, but which she and why? The thought plickens...

January 31, 2007

tanks for the memories

This time come upon a German tank with a dead crew, traveling with a woman companion. We get into the tank (donning uniforms?) and then another group of German soldiers arrive. What to do...we're Americans so they'll kill us. As they approach, I speak some broken German, and come up with a story that we found them dead (actually we might have killed them...not sure) and donned their uniforms for safety. One of the officers believes us and we leave the scene, ending up at a B&B. The woman says something about, "ok, now it's time for our terms," and goes off ahead with the German officer, although she is now in a wheelchair. They go towards a volleyball game, with her catching an errant ball on the way, as the officer moves the table to allow her chair to fit at the table. I watch from the distance, thinking that she was with me, but appears to have left me for the German officer.

then the alarm...dammit, I need closure.

blast from the past

While in video mode, found this and decided to throw it up on youtube. I have some live gigs on video that I'll put up as well once I cut them into individual songs:

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